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Ron’s Process Revealed

To Process, or Not to Process: Hi All, I recently attended a three day class with artist Marianne Mitchell at the Art Student League of Denver. The class was to develop the artists’ signature expression and personal voice. This class presented wonderful opportunities for me to speak to other artists about my creations and hear their reactions, confirmations, and suggestions. Marianne does a marvelous job of moderating a very encouraging and cooperative environment. The immediate identification of the first class concerned how the artist began the work.  This was later expanded in the second class where we were instructed to paint with “reckless abandon”. It quickly […]

Art and The Women Behind the Artist

Kathy’s thoughts on Art: Art can be found everywhere, in different forms, genres, and expressions. From the shoes we wear to a gourmet meal, each day brings Art before us on constant display. I have heard Art described as a personal journey, different for each beholder, as a necessity that brings awareness and beauty into our lives. Often, we take Art for granted. Sometimes we find it appalling. Whether we acknowledge it before us or not, Art is an intricate part of our day to day lives. The Women Behind the Artist After a wonderful weekend with family, I hope everyone had […]

My Career: “Here’s to the Fools Who Dream”

Here’s to the dreamers: I lived in Los Angeles for 20 years. I moved there to become a filmmaker and I had no allusions that anyone with a dream could be detoured.  Well, a lot happened. I’ve been reminded of those days recently after seeing the Academy Award winning film, “La La Land”. Everyone in Los Angeles is trying to get into the entertainment business, whether it be film, tv, music, art, or dance. I was fortunate to dabble in the theater (had my own theater company), film (worked at Paramount Pictures), music (played Bass in a band), and art (I was always […]

Looking Over the Rim: “Here’s to the Fools Who Dream!”

We recently took a big road trip over the twins’ Spring Break. First, we made our way southwest through Ouray Colorado, a gorgeous boutique of a mountain town known as The Switzerland of America. Here we found sulfur-free hot springs and fantastic mountain views. The oldest operating power generator in the US fuels much of the area. Definitely worth the 5 1/2 hour drive from Denver. Next, we continued on to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The only words I have ever found to describe my experiences upon seeing this geographical wonder, each and every time, is awe-inspiring. […]

Modern vs. Contemporary: Which Art Thou?

Kathy’s thoughts on Modern Art: When it comes to Fine Art, I get confused when I hear the terms Modern and Contemporary. After a bit of research, I found that these terms are used interchangeably by society as a whole; however, within the Art world, Modern and Contemporary are two very different types of art. Call it Modern: Modern art refers to any art produced between 1860 and 1970, give or take a few years on either side, that departs from accepted norms and explores experimentation in its creation. In other words, not your great grandmother’s art. This broad definition […]

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