My Career: “Here’s to the Fools Who Dream”

Here’s to the dreamers:

I lived in Los Angeles for 20 years. I moved there to become a filmmaker and I had no allusions that anyone with a dream could be detoured.  Well, a lot happened.
I’ve been reminded of those days recently after seeing the Academy Award winning film, “La La Land”. Everyone in Los Angeles is trying to get into the entertainment business, whether it be film, tv, music, art, or dance. I was fortunate to dabble in the theater (had my own theater company), film (worked at Paramount Pictures), music (played Bass in a band), and art (I was always painting). It was an incredible time and I am startled at my dangerous optimism. Yet, as I look back throughout my life, I recognize that I have always created, sometimes carelessly, or what might be considered unconsciously, and that was natural. Many places provided opportunities for the creative spirit. It seemed to me that there was an extra shot of espresso in the mix in LA.
Recently, I was riding the chairlift with three skiers I was not acquainted with. These ladies were complaining about “La La Land” and saying that it was the worst film! They couldn’t understand why it had received such great applause, especially Emma Stone. I almost intruded in their conversation to dispute their dismay over her performance: For no other reason, but for her audition scene about “The Fools Who Dream.” I get it. It is hard to understand anyone who dedicates themselves to anything against such odds.  It is a messy business, complicated by competition, crazed emotions, relationships (a minor consideration), and sometimes, coming within inches of success. That scene from the movie should be the anthem for all artists. I was fortunate to find tremendous friends, employment at a film studio, and my wife—an actress. She was double crazy, traveling between coasts for work.
I miss the creative energy of the City of Angels where even the busboys are peddling screenplays. However, I do not miss the 405 freeway at 4:05 PM.
“Bring on the rebels, painters, poets, and plays.” – Ron Harris

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