Art and The Women Behind the Artist

Kathy’s thoughts on Art:

Art can be found everywhere, in different forms, genres, and expressions. From the shoes we wear to a gourmet meal, each day brings Art before us on constant display. I have heard Art described as a personal journey, different for each beholder, as a necessity that brings awareness and beauty into our lives. Often, we take Art for granted. Sometimes we find it appalling. Whether we acknowledge it before us or not, Art is an intricate part of our day to day lives.

The Women Behind the Artist

After a wonderful weekend with family, I hope everyone had a nice Mothers’ Day, either with your mom, your kids or someone else’s mom. Ron is a man of many talents. One of which is throwing a fantastic Mothers’ Day bash for his mom, his wife, his Great Aunt and his two sisters. We had a 16 person sit down al fresco on the back deck. The Art Festival tent comes in handy when you want to shade that many people while serving them brunch. He even cooked the bacon, sausage and hash browns out on the grill so as not to mess up my kitchen. The twins helped with the set-up and take-down. The sisters brought some delicious dishes and Ron Sr. made a fruit salad. It was a beautiful day with beautiful people to share it with. For these things, I am sincerely grateful. The only thing I did was make a dark chocolate vegan cake with icing and strawberries.  I am not vegan but rather prefer meat at every meal. This recipe, however, had over 1,000 rave reviews. Now, I consider fine cooking an art form in itself, though I am not much of a baker. I do feel that chocolate is an essential part of my daily diet. So on Mothers’ Day, I created a chocolate cake from scratch. It was ugly but so tasty. I would post a picture here, however, I cannot. The cake is all but gone. Delish!! –Kathy

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