Ron Takes on the Colors of Summer

Ron’s Thoughts: Forget Spring, Summer is here!

Less than a month ago we had snow here in Littleton. Suddenly it is Summer. Today it is 90 degrees. My lettuce is a foot tall and I am having a hard time keeping up with the kale. This weekend I’m busting out the pruning equipment or I will never catch up.

From the Garden

I’m fortunate to have been raised by parents who appreciate horticulture. My mother’s front yard rivals some public gardens into the Fall. She has varieties and colors that compliment and contrast in such a continuous design that pedestrians and cars stop in front of their house to take it all in.

Spring is Done

Here at our home, the pink peonies have already bloomed and we’ve collected a basket of roses as well. The colors of Spring were intense and they are now fading with the heat of Summer. My first painting, “Small Roses”, from the early blooms came from a bunch of small roses that were lemon yellow, fiery orange, and cherry red. In order to concentrate on the color tones, I digitally reduced the forms a couple of times to concentrate on the pure values. The result, because of the night time lighting, seemed to represent the change of season and the emergence of color erupting out of the shadows. “Small Roses” is a joyful abstraction along the same path as my “Scarlet Iris” paintings and “Petunia #2”. These differ from the emotional, more realistic peonies paintings. It’s an enjoyable change, working on a canvas laid flat, concentrating on pure color fields, sharp edges, and no blending. The challenge for me is creating and balancing the vibrant colors.  

Conversing with the Teenager

Currently, I’m working on a white rose that is posed before a sheet of paper. The tones are so subtle I will need several thin layers until the pools of color agree. My oldest son, Julian (an artist himself) is already looking over my shoulder and critiquing the darker tones. 
Julian, “Is that blue-green?”
Me, “Give me a break, it’s just deep green!”
Shaking his head he dismisses me in a kind, whatever, teenage-manner.
Julian, “Just sayin.”
I hope he isn’t color blind, like his mother. (Joking! Kathy is not laughing) – Ron

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