In Times of Sorrow…

Maribeth Harris 1938-2018

Kathy’s thoughts: Time heals all wounds. So the saying goes. We can only hope for as much as we, here at the Harris household, have endured a very sad year. Amidst the loss and pain, there has been no painting, no music rising from the basement studio as the summer came to a close. Our hearts were heavy with loss and the fear of more heartache to come. We thank you for waiting patiently for this newsletter, long over-due.

I will let Ron tell you of his dear friend, Andy, of 52 years. We lost him suddenly and unexpectedly on a sunny July day. Such a wonderful man. And then, after years of struggling with Parkinson’s Disease, Ron’s sweet mother, Maribeth, finally drifted away from us. She was a tremendously loving and giving person who gave all of herself to family and friends. She will live on in our hearts as we miss her every day. She embodies the meaning of the word Love.

So, what does a manager/wife/businesswoman do when her artist will not paint? Pushing does not work, ie; Angry response. Waiting seemed to be the only remedy. But then I thought, let’s go to New York City! With all of my old friends there and the ever exciting vibe of the city that never sleeps, we just really needed to get away and relax. I insisted that Ron accompany me as he hadn’t been in years and November is my Birthday Month. So off we went.

It turned out to be the most fabulous of trips, weather aside, as we landed in the middle of a white-out. With umbrellas in hand, we plowed our way around the city. After stopping in at our Mid-town hotel, we grabbed a couple of NY slices and made our way to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. There we lit a candle for Ron’s sweet mother, circled back around through Rockefeller Center and then down to the East Village to meet some of my dearest of college friends and their spouses. We literally laughed and sang the night away!

The next morning we ate kosher NY bagels (like nowhere else!) and we went straight to the Museum of Modern Art. With one of the most comprehensive collections of modern art in the world, we saw rooms full of Monet, Picasso, Kandinsky, Pollack and so many more. The Guggenheim building itself is a work of art. The main exhibit has groundbreaking works by Hilma af Klint, tells of an artist years ahead of her time. Af Klint knew that her works would be controversial in the beginnings of the 20th century, and therefore requested that they not be displayed until 20 years after her death. Her story has caused Art historians to rethink the origins of the Abstract Art Movement.
Then we were off to Broadway to see some of my former colleagues at work. The incredibly talented Jerry Mitchel‘s latest creation, Pretty Woman: The Musical is a fantastic treat. And my talented and gorgeous friend, Angie Schworer, plays, well, herself, in the groundbreaking new musical, The PromBoth are a definite “must-see” on your next visit to the Big Apple.

Finally, we strolled through Central Park on a Sunday afternoon. What a gem that park is for New Yorkers and visitors alike. I love The Park. I love city life. I love just about everything about New York City. Thanks, Babe.

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