Art in New York City

More Art in the Big Apple

Kathy here. In late May I chaperoned one of our twins and 19 of his peers on a whirlwind trip to New York City. We were astounded by the beauty of the Art Deco found in Radio City Music Hall.

Art Deco images created by various Depression Era Artist cover the walls of the Grand Lounge: Stuart Davis, Witold Gordon, Edward “Buk” Ulrich, Henry Billings and Donald Deskey






The large mural in the grand foyer is entitled “Fountain of Youth” and was painted by Ezra Winter.












“Spirit of the Dance” sculpture by William Zorach is currently on display in the Grand Lounge guarding the entrance to the restrooms!











In the Concert Hall, textile designers Marguerita Mergentime and Ruth Reeves created designs for the fabrics covering the walls and art deco fish designs for the carpet!

Edward Durell Stone designed the stage to resemble the setting sun.

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