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…We Find Joy

Ron’s thoughts:“Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci This has been a challenging 6 months for me.  We lost our beloved big dog, one of my life-long best friends, and my vibrant mother.  I know that sadness typically diminishes as time passes, but the hardest part for me has been the difficulty in understanding the timing of it all within 180 days.  At first, I stopped my regular activities to provide assistance to others and then, I began pulling away from my own relationships.  The four paintings I had started in July […]

In Times of Sorrow…

Maribeth Harris 1938-2018 Kathy’s thoughts: Time heals all wounds. So the saying goes. We can only hope for as much as we, here at the Harris household, have endured a very sad year. Amidst the loss and pain, there has been no painting, no music rising from the basement studio as the summer came to a close. Our hearts were heavy with loss and the fear of more heartache to come. We thank you for waiting patiently for this newsletter, long over-due. I will let Ron tell you of his dear friend, Andy, of 52 years. We lost him suddenly […]

Spring and the Art Festivals

A Season of Change Spring is a season of change. For the Harris household, this is powerfully true in many ways.  We are excited about the movement of art from completion to framing and shipping; packaging pieces for transport to the Art Students League Summer Art Market and the Vail Arts Festival. The process includes a lot of hurried evaluations. With this season I find the realization of obsolescence in many of our daily conveniences.  Nothing lasts forever. In the past months, I have replaced an automobile radiator, struts, and battery, our home water heater, and the irrigation system plumbing.  […]


Spring Art Festivals Here we are. Another Spring to celebrate graduations, concerts, Mother’s Day and irresistible flowers. For Ron, it is undeniably peonies this season, as seen in the last five pieces in his Peonies Series. We have an incredible collection to bring to the Art Festivals this year, starting with the Students Art League’s Summer Art Market. Beginning at 9 am on Saturday, June 9th, and running until 5 pm on the following day, Sunday, June 10th, Ron and I will be out in plein air to meet and greet you. Goodbye to Beautiful Artwork We have had a wonderful […]

Out To Sea

Unchartered Waters Late last year I decided to take a risk, head into uncharted waters, so to speak, and experiment with different methods of painting. My new venture included changes in “mark making”, or drawing, and new the use of mediums like oil pastel, ink, and acrylic paint. The new tack was a result of an effort to expand my artistic voice by taking classes at the Art Students League of Denver. In one class I was challenged to approach all exercises in a non-objective manner. One of my really great teachers, Jeff Wentzel, suggested that I use my left […]