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Who’s Your Dada? That’s Anti-Art, Baby!

“Dada was designed to be ghost-like and short-lived. . . Self-immolation was written into Dada’s very DNA, its main aesthetic tenant its brevity and self-destructiveness. . . Dada was a fully-realized, soulless expression of Dionysian excess. A howl of existential despair. And a casualty of war.” – Peter Fleming, The Hamilton Spectator. The more I deal with our burgeoning art business, the more I learn about art history and movements, particularly in the last 150 years. I am constantly encountering new words that represent genres of which I have never heard. The most elusive term to date is Dadaism. Please note, that when Ron […]

To Be or Not To Be Art: That is Evermore the Question

  The Definition of Art: wiki/art: A topic regularly disputed and changed over time, a general description mentions an idea of imagination or technical skill stemming from human agency and creation. All before the advent of Modernism. It’s a lot to think about before coffee. It has often been said that one man’s trash is another’s treasure. In today’s postmodern, contemporary world, it seems evermore difficult to discern Pop from Post from Fine from Crap Art. Or is it just such an elitist appreciation, aside from being economically elitist, as Larry Gagosian, world renowned art dealer, asks, “Not just who’s buying […]

Influencial Art: Mimesis or Vice Versa?

Mimesis – noun. representation or imitation of the real world in art and literature.  True? Oscar Wilde was one of many artists to question whether Art imitates Life or Life learns from Art. He stated that “poets and painters have taught (Society) the loveliness of such effects . . . They did not exist till Art had invented them.” Hello All, I’ve been thinking and questioning the value of Art in Society throughout the ages lately. Why do we do it? Why do people collect it? And why is it censored, banned, stolen, revered and used in war propaganda machines? […]

Hello Art Fans!

I am working hard on building a new website so that art fans like you have better access to what is going on with Ron Harris Art both in the studio and around town, as well as completed works and available prints in different sizes! Now, keep in mind that I am a accomplished actor with a pension for dance and music, so website creation is not one of my fortes. I am, however, up for the challenge!Please stay tuned and send feedback! Always remember: Life is short. Buy more Art!!!   Best, Kathy T.