Meet the Artist – Ron Harris

Painting in the Great Room
Painting in the Great Room

Ron Harris has been working in the visual arts almost his entire life.

Ron Harris received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Northern Colorado and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Utah. After several years working in graphic design, he took to the studio to paint. Primarily working in oil he occasionally creates conceptual pieces using mixed media. “Up In The Trees”, an earlier series of paintings, were exhibited in Dallas at the East End Gallery and in Los Angeles at the Paramount Pictures Dining Room. Those works can be viewed in the Archives. Ron’s latest and most colorful works are the “Deadhead” paintings, which are available right now on this website! Ron’s influences include but are not limited to Wassily Kandinsky, Lawren Harris, and Georgia O’Keefe. Now he lives in Littleton, Colorado with his wife Kathy Trageser and twin boys.

Ron’s Artist Statement

“I’ve always felt the need to understand the sense that there is a larger force at work in the universe. This mystical approach has become my style. Though my paintings tend toward the representational, I am creating landscapes from within; hoping to transcend biology, psychology or spirituality and instead portray a measure of all three. Painting didn’t come to me as a desire to create at first but as an exploration of color.  My first efforts were less than representational and more expressionistic color patterns.  As I evolved to more realistic imagery I always limited the standard context of a foreground, background, etc, to the direct identification of the subject itself: river, tree, or flower and to an isolation of colors and patterns.  I hope to carry forward this choice to utilize strong images, refined to an essence, bringing forth artwork which is sublime and accessible.”

 – Ron Harris

Hi! I'm Henry, the new guy. This is Dino, my toy.
Hi! I’m Henry, the studio dog.

Ron loves animals… and animals love Ron! This is Mantis, one of 3 parakeets that live at the Harris Household.

Mantis; checking out Ron's head
Mantis; checking out Ron’s head