“Red” Original Oil 20 x 24


Oil on Canvas 24″ x 20″


Red and the Many Shades Thereof

This is simply red. With this piece, abstract imagery in red is the focus of my work. A red iris is broken into specific shapes and colors. As with the majority of my floral paintings, my process begins with an interesting flower from the prosperous garden at our home in SW Denver. My wife, Kathy, then photographs the flowers which are uploaded into a photo enhancement software. I digitize the images and adjust placement, values, shadows, contrast, and focus to eventually compose a working draft. Finally, the artwork is created with oil paint in my studio. At times, the basement acts as my work space. During Winter the Great Room of our home is my Studio. However, if it is especially cold in Denver, I work on the balcony of our second story where the heat rises from the rest of our passive-solar home. I prefer oil over any other medium, on either panel or canvas with brush and/or palette knife.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 1.5 × 24 in


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