Learning to Dance Lithograph |13 x 17|


"Learning to Dance" 13" x 17" Collectible Litho Print, Limited Ed. $30.00
Learning to Dance |13″ x 17| Collectible Litho Print, Limited Ed. $30.00


The Origin of Learning to Dance

The trees in Learning to Dance are from Temescal Canyon near Hollywood, CA. When we were first married, my wife, Kathy, and I traveled quite a bit. Coming from Colorado, I have always admired trees. Hence, we photographed the trees wherever we went. I upload the pictures to the computer and digitize them. With photo enhancement software I manipulate the images to adjust placement, values, shadows, contrast and focus to compose a working draft. I create the final artwork created with oil paint in my studio (which, at the time was our garage) on either panel or canvas with a brush and/or palette knife. We made a promise to each other when we got married: Ron has to learn to partner dance and Kathy has to learn to play golf. The painting’s title, Learning to Dance originated from that promise, because “Learning to Golf” isn’t nearly as romantic! Luckily we each do both very well. Happy, happy, happy, happy…

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