“Quit” Sculpture 9 x 28 x 9



The Building of “Quit”: Goodbye Corporate World!

For many years in Hollywood, I worked at Paramount Pictures. First in Finance (I know, an artist who is good with numbers. Kathy says, “Lucky!”), and then in graphic design. As I have a Masters in Directing, I thought it was the right place to be. But Hollywood is a tricky place and directing outside of the theater didn’t happen for me. When Kathy and I were married, she was doing a television series (yes, you can Google her later) and there was no real reason for me to keep my day job when all I wanted to do was paint. So, I took a deep breath and quit my job! Thus, the inspiration for the sculpture “Quit”.

The Construction:

I have always loved to build things and orange is my favorite color. The heavy wooden box structure made up of cedar and pine represents the corporate world and the nails, chrome plated steel nails, are the ‘worker bees’ that keep it running. I truly always felt like the square peg in the round hole, or, in this case, the orange nail that refuses to stay in line with its fellows. The end result is a solid sculpture with heavy meaning. I call it “Quit”!


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